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Why You Should Consider Detoxing Daily

Why You Should Consider Detoxing Daily

By Rebecca Castellano, Nutrition Specialist

Yes, I’m guilty—I used to think detoxing was a complete scam.

Sugar detoxes, Juice cleanses, and restrictive fasts shoved down our throats by the best marketing ads.

Besides, isn’t your liver and kidneys fully equipped at doing all the detoxing your body needs?

After looking at the research, this is what I’ve learned…

Because of the toxins and chemicals, we’re continually bombarded with every day (in the air we breathe, the water we drink, the products we use and the food we eat), we are overloaded! Over time, these substances accumulate in our tissue and can lead to headaches, pain, digestive distress, disease and stubborn weight that won’t come off.

When we help our body detox, decreasing the stress load in our bodies, our organs can focus toward things we need…like insane energy levels, shedding some pounds and overall vitality!

11 tips for Daily Detoxification:


Not alcohol…WATER! This is the main component of supporting your kidneys day in and day out. Aim to drink about half your body weight in ounces or simply divide your weight by 2.2 to get your kilograms, and try to stay as close to that number in ounces of water consumed. Your liver and kidneys will thank you by releasing a bucket load of energy throughout the day. It’s also recommended to make sure your water is pure and filtered, because many chemicals, like chlorine, fluoride, and heavy metals are in our water systems. You can find Alkaline water right here at Cleansing Concepts sold in large jugs for the week.

2. Avoid foods you’re sensitive to

It’s amazing to me how many people walk around not realizing they have a food allergy! If you experience any GI distress after eating a certain meal, I recommend trying an elimination diet and/or seeking the advice of a Food Allergist.

3. Choose organic when you can

Conventional fruits and vegetables are commonly treated with an array of toxic pesticides that can build up in our tissues over time (which is why we are detoxifying in the first place!), so opt for organic when possible, or be sure to wash your conventional produce thoroughly. Although it’s very expensive, do your best to at least avoid the dirty dozen.

4. Take it easy on the alcohol

While alcohol can be a fun part of a balanced life, and I hate to be the cob in your wheel, the reality is that alcohol is hard on the liver. When you drink alcohol, your liver’s primary goal is to detoxify and get rid of it. This means it’s not only wearing out your primary detoxification organ, but it’s causing your liver to focus on detoxifying the alcohol instead of other toxins you’re bombarded with every day. If you do drink, I recommend having a glass of water between drinks to help support your liver.

5. Move your BODY!

When doing a detox, you may need to preserve your energy from the decrease in caloric intake, however exercise sweats out the toxins that can settle into your tissues. The exercise I’m loving lately is the metabolism-boosting kind, HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts. This means alternating short periods of intense exercise with recovery periods. It’s as simple as doing some exercise and then resting. This kind of exercise will get your heart rate up, and those toxins out! Plus, it cuts workout time in half.

6. Supplements to assist your body’s natural detoxification process

Taking an Omega 3, Probiotic, and a Liver Detox supplements is the perfect combination. These three key supplements work synergistically help to negate inflammation that will inevitably be caused from a variety of things, including and not limited to our environment and not eating perfectly.

7. Stop with the TOXIC creams and makeup please!

Your skin is your largest organ, and skincare products are one of the main sources of toxins we encounter in our lives. Every day, we slather chemically-laden skincare products on our skin without blinking an eye. Since our body absorbs what we put on our skin, skincare products, just like food and supplements, should be of the highest quality.

8. Switch to natural cleaning products

Nontoxic cleaning products ensure you aren’t adding additional toxins to your counters, windows, walls, furniture and floors.

9. Get a Lymphatic Drainage

If you need an excuse to get a full body release of toxins, well this is it! Lymphatic drainage stimulates release of toxins from your nodes throughout the body and tissues. On top of that, it is a circulation booster, which helps push those toxins out.

10. Consider the infrared sauna

Infrared Lighted Saunas go down to the cellular level, it is way beyond heat. Not only does it stimulate sweating and circulation which helps your body to naturally detox on its own, but internally activated the cells.

11- The POWER of Essential Oils

When I first discovered Essential Oils, I felt like I was living under a rock! How could I have missed it in all my years of nutrition and wellness education? I thought it was for those good massages at the spa, or to make a room smell nice, but I’ve been proven wrong…. Again! Essential oils have been clinically researched for years, and have unique healing powers that work at the cellular level. Rosemary, Juniper Berry, Coriander and Helichrysum are just a few that help clear toxins from the body, by rubbing them right over the liver, kidneys and reflex points.

Ease the toxic burden on your body daily, and you’ll feel better with each and every day!!!

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