Detox Clay Toothpaste


Brush your way to a healthier mouth using our Detox Clay Peppermint toothpaste. Unlike store bought toothpaste this formula actually lifts stains and bacteria off your teeth and gums, leaving your breath fresh and clean… even in the morning.

Peppermint flavor – 4oz.



Suggested use:

Apply to toothbrush brush morning and night. Note the toothpaste will not lather

**Cool Tip**

Toss your store bought teeth whiten systems and choose the natural way to whiten and brighten your smile without damaging your enamel. Fill mouth trays with Detox Clay Toothpaste, place in mouth sit for 30-45 minutes every other day to lift away stains from coffee, red wine and other build up on teeth.


Calcium Bentonite Clay, water, essential oil of peppermint


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