Essential 3-Day Juice Cleanse


Everybody knows by now how amazing juicing is for the body. You also know that it can be messy and time consuming. At Cleansing Concepts we have found a way to get Fresh Pressed Nutrition delivered right to your door step. Juicing is a purely convenient way to get your daily intake of fruits and vegetables. Give your digestive system a break with our 3 day Essential Juice FastCleanse.




Epically Refreshing Flavor

Each of these cold pressed juices combine vital nutrients with epically refreshing flavor. With cold pressing, the fruits and vegetables are ground up and placed in a pouch, then squeezed with a tremendous amount of pressure so that every drop of juice is extracted. This method of juicing is superior to any other juice extraction. There is no heat applied during the juicing process and there is minimal oxidation; which means that juices will stay fresh longer because there is very little mixing of juice with air during production.

1 – Supreme Green

Celery, Parsley, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale & Apple Juice

2 – Revitalizing Red

Beets, Apple, Carrot, Lemon Juice

3 – Spiced Up Carrot

Celery, Ginger Juice

4 – Kickin’ Lemonade

Lemons, Agave, Cayenne Pepper Juice

5 – Supreme Green

Celery, Parsley, Cucumber, Spinach, Kale & Apple Juice

6 – Cleansing Comfort

Almond Milk, Agave, Vanilla Extract, Cinnamon

The Results of our Juice Cleanse

The result is a nutrient dense juice with a crisp, clean flavor. Because there’s no pulp, your body is able to easily assimilate the nutrients without the chore of digestion. Nutrition has never been so convenient or delicious. The Essential Juice Cleanse contains 18 juices, 6 per day. Drinking a juice every two hours will keep your energy level up and your cravings for food low. This is the perfect preparation for your Colenz Hydrotherapy sessions. Like the colon hydro we recommend doing this juice cleanse every season. Below is a list of the ingredients in our juice cleanse, keep in mind we can adjust the combinations if necessary to suit your needs. You will need to order your cleanse at least 2-3 days prior to delivery. No Sunday, Monday deliveries.

Cold pressed juices are produced in such a unique way that they can remain in your refrigerator for up to three days or be deep frozen for up to six months and still retain most of the vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. You receive all of this with no additives and no preservatives; just fresh fruits and vegetables, and our special way of making juice.

Whether you’re new to juicing or a seasoned pro, our Essential Juice Cleanse can be a great fit for any lifestyle.


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