Detox Clay Drink


Internal Uses:
✴ Detoxification of the digestive system
✴ Removal of heavy metals
✴ Rid the body of yeast & candida
✴ Help reduce gas & bloating
✴ Recovery from chemotherapy &radiation
✴ Eliminates Internal parasites
✴ Increase adsorption of vitamins & nutrients
✴ Liver Detoxification
✴ Heals ulcers & acid reflux
✴ Helps with Crohns Disease, Colitis, and Diverticulitus
✴ Boost the Immune System
✴ Stops Vomiting & Diarrhea
✴ Gets rid of Hangovers
✴ Stops Food poisoning
✴ Alkalizes the body
✴ Helps with Morning Sickness

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Suggested Use:

Drink 1-2 ounces of Detox Clay in the morning and at night. Shake well before consuming. Does not need to be refrigerated but do not keep in direct sunlight. Drink water immediately after.

**Cool Tip**

If not consumed after 1 year it can be given to your plants or you can bathe in it. ** If you feel the clay is slowing down your bowel movements you are not drinking enough water, simply increase water, you can also add more fiber to your diet or increase your clay dosage by double.


Calcium Bentonite Clay and Alkaline water

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