Detox Clay Mud


External Uses:
✴ Tightens & Brightens skin
✴ Detoxify Heavy metals stored in Body tissues
✴ Poison Ivy, Oak and Shingles
✴ Eczema, Psoriasis, skin rashes, shingles
✴ Wart Removal
✴ Toenail Fungus
✴ Acne
✴ Heals cuts, bruises and abrasions
✴ Burns and chemical burns
✴ Pulls out infection from wound
✴ Aching Joints
✴ Sprains and strained muscles
✴ Tattoo Removal
✴ Stimulates Hair Growth
✴ Relieve Symptoms of Herpes 1 & 2
✴ Helps with cellulite
✴ Bug Bites

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Suggested Use:

There are many different ways to use the Detox Clay Mud. Each specific aliment may call for a different protocol. Have no fear you can’t mess it up. Apply thin layer to affected area let dry completely * Note if the clay is still wet in certain areas that means its still working, once clay is completely dry its ready to be removed. Another way to use the clay especially for drawing pain, toenail fungus, tattoo removal is to apply the clay then wrap with cellophane, keep on for several hour to keep it activated.

**Cool Tip**

Make sure when scooping out the clay you car not using your bare hands, I suggest using a plastic spoon or wearing disposable plastic gloves. This will help eliminate any transfer of bacteria from you hands to the clay.


Calcium Bentonite Clay & water

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